We hope you feel the peace and tranquillity of that a place of rest, in which we worry about your health and well-being, could offer. this worry has lead us to carefully choose the products used for your personal care, these are made of 100% natural ingredients and are all handcrafted, that a Abeja Reyna provides us for a better personal care and well being.

The filtering system of our pool is based on Salt, to avoid the contact of agresiva agents with your body and this is why we BEG YOU TO PLEASE MAKE OF THE SHOWER BEFORE GOING INTO THE SWIMMING POOL.

What to say if to REST is the main goal…

We have done a considerable investment in our beds, this way your rest will be unforgettable.

The design was made thinking about giving you an experience to enjoy and to make you feel in a place where we worry about your wellness in every sense. for us you are the most important. All of our personal is ready to help you in whatever you need and make you feel as calm as possible. and remember that at Ko’os you’ll always have something that makes the experience unique for our staff it will always be a pleasure to welcome you. We’ll always wait for you with open arms.

Hotel Ko’os Tulum

  • Harman kardon lounge music
  • Místico
  • Rest Bar
Our secret is QUALITY

We have selected all of our products from the best quality and freshness that we could offer to our clients. between this products you can find fresh bread, seasonal fruits, organic eggs and chicken, fresh seafood.

Bar Healthy

We have a large range of beverage options, in which we offer fresh juices, coffee from Veracruz of high quality and also illy Coffee, kombucha, golden milk, cold brews and handcrafted beer. Our wines and liquors are all selected thinking about the best quality we can offer.

Hotel Ko’os Tulum

MIXOLOGY specialised in cocktails with Tequila our recommendation, thinking about the best quality, is Casa Dragones

  • Negroni: Campari Martini and Gin
  • Místico
  • Rest Bar

Hopes you have an exquisite stay location as it is in Aldea Zama, you are located halfway through the path between the town and the Zona Hotelera, this way you have the facility to access both ways easily.

  • Roof grill
  • Music, Grill, Pool and bar on sundays
  • Happy hour 2x1 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm

May you be welcome to Tulum.
Place where the ancient Mayas,
used to call out with amazement
ko’os, ko’os...
as they behold this blue bird fly.

Referring to the surprise
of a soul manifested in this bird.
They admired its vibrant color,
its smooth, fast and sudden fly.

We hope that upon your arrival,
you get the pleasant surprise
of these birds welcoming you to...